Turn on find my iphone

Try the Missing Phones online directory.Think back to when you last used it, and then work forwards from there.Use iLost-finder.Note this software requires a jailbroken iPhone.This lets you play an alarm sound loudly when your iPhone is stolen and the thief is trying to power off the iPhone or entered wrong passcode.If your iPhone is passcode-locked, your information is not retrievable.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone

It s kind of a long shot, but it s better than buying a new phone.If you have the IMEI MEID number for your iPhone.For bigger establishments, the Lost and Found department may have its own phone number.When you select your device, there are three basic actions you can take Play Sound , Lost Mode , and Erase iPhone .How to Search an iPhone.If it s buried in a bag or under something, the ringer may not be very loud.You can also remove the iPhone from your account, disassociating your Apple ID.How to Download and Use Applications from the iTunes App Store.If your iPhone cannot be located because it is turned off or out of network, check the Notify me when found box.

You can use this map to determine where you may have left it.Check Lost and Found boxes.If it s nearby, you may hear it ring.While this certainly isn t exclusive to phones, retracing your steps can help you determine where your phone went missing.The website will check the database to see if a kind person has found the phone and registered it on the site.How to Change Your iCloud Account.Some carriers allow you to block service for a period of time in case you think you will recover your phone again in the near future.You can also add a contact number and message that will be displayed on the screen if a nice person finds.This will help track your phone in case it gets sold to someone else.

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