Spy whatsapp messages

For Android Head over to settings About phone Statu s Wi-Fi MAC address.For iPhone Head over to Setting s General About Wi-Fi address.For this, you will have to gain access to the target phone to record its MAC address and spoof the same on your device.Need Root Explorer app to access database Whatsapp.WhatsApp has a small vulnerability which allows you to run the same WhatsApp account on two phones provided they both have the same MAC address..4 Database Whatsapp messages.For Windows Phone Head over to Settings About More info MAC address.

WhatsApp Messenger Spy (iPhone only)

This method is somewhat considered difficult and require a moderate amount of technical skills to perform.Let me explain.If you have question for How to spy Whatsapp messages on Android phones , you can contact us via Contact Form.For BlackBerry Head over to options Device Device and Status info WLAN MAC.This is how you can find the MAC address of the target phone .

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